Innovative, Supportive & Solution Oriented 

Tammy has 7 years as a Corporate Trainer & Career Counselor and 5 years executive placement in gaming. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Education, Emphasis in Training & Development, with a Minor in Management & Human Resources, from Utah State University. She's helped develop interview skills and schooled individuals in business writing and computer applications for business and finance at both adult school and college levels. She has experience in Marketing, Sales, Administration, Medical Care Management and Recruitment. Additionally, she brings the Sol Executives team her expertise in research, networking, system development, creative collaboration, talent acquisition and development in support of all our client engagements.  Tammy is adept at system implementation and is passionate about Customer Service and product quality. Her ability to develop others and lead teams, started at an early age. American Airlines was the catalyst which jump-started her career choice in training and developing others.