Brent Land

Talent Acquisition

Dedicated and Innovative  

Brent’s life choices have led him to this career path as a Recruiter for Hospitality.  His 1st job was busing tables and he knew then that he had a passion for Hospitality.  He went on to work as a bartender, promoted to bar manager and later promoted to the GM position of a Private Country Club in the Midwest. 

He moved into the fine art and retail business as a Certified Custom Picture Framer, where he promoted into Management and transferred to the Las Vegas Market where he was the GM over a large Fine Art Supply Company.   He worked closely with Casinos and their entertainment departments for 15 years.  He was recruiter to Tubac, AZ to open the Purcell Gallery of Fine Art being made an owner/partner in the business after his first year.

In 2018 after the death of Dianne Purcell he joined the Sol Executives, LLC team as an Executive Recruiter.  He feels like all his background and experience has brought him to this path as his life’s most important work. Nothing excites him more than helping Candidates find what makes their life richer through improved career pathing. I feel I not only work for the Candidates but the entire family to help build a better quality of life and achieve their goals.