who we are

Quality & Experience in Hiring.

Sol Executives, LLC is an Executive Search and Consulting firm dedicated to providing superior service to its Clients in the identification and recruitment of outstanding professionals for senior executive positions. We are based in Arizona, and provide services to clients both nationally and internationally.

Sol Executives is led by Beverly Purcell, an executive search consultant since 1995 with an additional 6 years’ experience managing staffing and recruiting teams. Our team possesses more than 35 years of combined experience.

close contact

We strive to maintain close contact with our clients and candidates.

Each search is led by a specific consultant and is assisted by experienced team members who provide support throughout every step of the search process.

Updates on each search in progress, including candidates under consideration, will be delivered to the client via a secure system developed for management of every search assignment.

We establish a specific timeline for each search and commit the full resources of our firm in aggressively conducting the search and reaching a successful conclusion.

The team at Sol Executives has a reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations by providing a diverse panel of candidates from our quality search process.

We combine this with active communication throughout each step of the process, which assists in the ongoing process of negotiation, and is inherent in filling a position successfully.

search process

We provide innovative and proactive search solutions to ensure the best candidates are considered in the process.

We interview members of your team to secure details on the technical and interpersonal (soft) skills you are seeking and gain a detailed understanding of your requirements and preferences to fill your executive search needs.

We reach out to our network of candidates (passive and active) which we have established over a 35+ year history to confirm we reach the best individuals who will meet or exceed your needs and who are prepared to make a move to your location at the salary range you’ve provided.

Search Standards


Our presentations include a narrative on each candidate which recaps at least a 10 year work and compensation history along with reasons for job changes. We feature Legacy Achievements which may be meaningful to you along with their personal information regarding ability to relocate and availability to join your team.

Phone or SKYPE Interviews.

We coordinate and prepare clients and candidates for the phone, SKYPE and onsite interview processes to provide ease of contact for all parties.


We contact a minimum of 3 References for each candidate invited to move on to the site visit interview process. These references are provided to your interview team electronically in anticipation of the Site Visit Interview.

Onsite Interviews.

We work with your travel coordinator to ensure appropriate travel plans are arranged for every site visit requested. All travel expenses incurred in the interview process are borne by the client. We recommend you allow sufficient time for candidates to visit competitors, explore housing and community offerings and gain needed insight to make an informed decision regarding possible relocation.


We speak with every candidate after each interview and provide feedback and details on understandings, expectations and confirm viability of each individual to move ahead in the process toward offer and acceptance.

Offer and Acceptance.

We secure a list of expectations, hopes and requirements to allow the client needed details to develop a strong offer. We pre-close each candidate on terms of an offer and help guide both parties through the on-boarding process.

On Boarding Process.

We assist the candidate with all on boarding processes including background checks, licensing, resignation, relocation and transitional needs. We will assist with coordination of details for relocation packages and provide support to spouses in the relocation process as requested.

Ongoing Customer Service.

After the new hire is on board our team will stay in touch with the employer and the new hire to assist with the transitional relationship development. We will secure and share feedback from both parties to help support the development of a strong working relationships and ensure all parties’ needs are being met. This continues throughout the guarantee period.

Background Verification.

Sol Executives does not provide legal, educational or financial background verifications. We are able to refer you to outside companies who specialize in these processes if requested.

Contingency or Exclusive

Contingent Recruitment Engagement means Sol Executives, LLC is competing on the Search with other agencies or the client (should the client have advertised the role on a job board or their website etc.) Sol Executives will only get paid should we successfully fill the search Position.

Exclusive Search Engagements are where Sol Executives, LLC has the Search Exclusively; but still only gets paid upon successful completion of filling the Position. There are huge benefits in working this way over Contingent recruitment. This allows Sol Executives, LLC time to complete the search process most effectively and as a result the client gets a better quality hire at the end of the process. Our fee for this search is the same as that of contingent but the quality of the process is greatly enhanced.

With Exclusive Search Engagements Sol Executives, LLC can produce a client report (weekly or bi-weekly as requested) detailing exactly which candidates are being considered. We will show the stage of discussions with those candidates in process so our client can see at a glance the work underway on your behalf. A transparent, and highly accountable partnership is thus created.

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